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Tags: saturday

  • 5work day a week, EL/MC on Friday, how to count Saturday?

    ... a month, however we only work Monday-Friday. Normally Saturday will be counted as paid work day.Boss mentioned said IF there's... of official announcement. So can I count that particular 2 Saturday after MC as MC too? or Absent? OR I can only consider the following...

  • Deduction Leave for work on half saturday

    ... company is work for half day. when staff apply leave on saturday, is company has the right to deduct staff one day leave?thanks &...

  • Saturday replacement Holiday

    ... there,My company is practicing alternate working Saturday.May I know if we can claim for a replacement holiday if PH falls during one of the OFF day on Saturday?By any chance is this stated in the Employement Act 1955 or is it only...

  • working on saturday

    ... day/ half day?however, the company policy says leave on saturday consider full day even though we work until 1230pm, but it does not...

  • Saturday Work

    ... My company implements alternate Saturday work for executive level and above. Working hours are 830am - 1230pm.1. If an Exec level employee works on a Saturday that he is not scheduled to work from 830am - 1230pm, should the... rule - i.e. half day's pay?2. If the above work on Saturday - the employee wishes to replace the hours worked on another working...

  • Public Holidays fell on Saturday (2020)

    ... insights into the replacement public holidays fell on Saturday (for year 2020):-25 - 26 Jan Sat & Sun Chinese New Year1 Feb ...

  • saturday off day (alternative)

    ... sir,Good day to you.I have a situation here. Our saturday off day is on alternative basis, means when my off day on saturday, my colleague have to attend work and vice versa to his off day, i...

  • Replacement a day off for Public Holiday fall on Saturday

    ... Sir/Madam, On this Saturday, 04/06/2016 is Agong birthday. Is it necessary company should replace...

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