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  • What is the right procedures for Lay Off?

    ... employee handbook termination notice by both parties. b) Lay off benefits of 15 days since I've worked for 2 years. Is it possible for...

  • temporary lay-off

    ... What is definition of temporary lay-off? 2. Do employer have to pay the employees' salary during temporary lay-off? How much? 3. How long can the temporary lay-off be given to...

  • Lay-off and Retrenchment

    ... is the different between Lay-off and Retrenchment. If we would like to kick a Plant Manager which do...

  • Lay Off by employer

    ... was layoff by employer during this economic downturn. I was ask to go off within 24...

  • Lay off payment to manual worker without working agreement

    ... company is closing down and I would like to know how much lay off benefit entitlement. Please take note that I have not sign any working...

  • termination / lay-off benefits

    ... = 3461.50 My question: Employment (termination and lay-off benefits) regulation 1980, regulation 4(1)(b), employer become not liable for any payment of termination or layoff benefits under reason: dismissal as a result of misconduct after due...

  • lay-off benefits

    ... Sir,I work with a foreign company established in Malaysia. I entered into an employment contract ten years ago which included a... I noticed that under the Employment (Termination and Layoff Benefits) Regulation 1980, an employee will be entitled to layoff benefits not less than the following:- 1 to 2 years service - 10 days...

  • Lay off

    ... can the new management hire a new staff to replace the lay off position?2) is there any "cooling period" before a new management can hire a new staff to replace the lay off position?Thank you in...

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