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  • hold 10% salary

    ... i know did employement have rights to hold 10% salary just because didn't submit report? moreover did they can...

  • Salary was HOLD by company

    ... to know under labour law if employer have the rights to hold an employee salary? If yes, under what circumstances the employer can do...

  • can company hold the salary


  • company hold my salary

    Dear sir....I have been working in the company for 8 months and recently I have resign due to my own decision...... And I have a 2months notice to serve.......

  • is the company can hold my salary as I'm a foreigner(for tax clear)?

    ... I would like to know that why the company will hold my salary and whether it is legal or illegal. Also I'm going to leave... company in Malaysia, even in other countries, there is no holding like this.Please review the company and let me know that why the...

  • Malaysian hold Singapore work permit but work at Malaysia

    ... factory.Are we break the HR rules to transfer workers that hold Singapore work permit to work here? (But they are Malaysian.)If they work...

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