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Tags: enquiry

  • General Enquiry on Demotion & Reduction in Salary

    Can a staff be demoted & reduce salary after 1 month of his/her promotion to Manager ? due to non performance & absent from work quite habitual ie o...

  • Enquiry Regarding Secondment

    Hi,we have an employee hired out of Singapore, but seconded to the Malaysian entity, can the employment terms be based on Singapore rules, for example with ...

  • Enquiry ~ Salary & Position

    Hi, I would like to seek for your advice for the below:I've worked in the company for 5 years, based on the Terms of Contact I signed, my job location b...

  • Enquiry on Sick Leave Entitlement and Annual Leave Entitlement

    Hi All, I would like to make the following enquiries:Currently I am employing 2 staffs in my shop and paid them on hourly basis, they have a fixed monthly s...

  • Enquiry on warning Letter

    我們的公司是建築公司,site supervisor在工地安排工程以及簽收貨料。但是Site supervisor時常沒有檢查清楚貨料就簽收貨單...

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