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Limitation of Advances to Employees

No employer shall during any one month make to an employee an advance or advances of wages not already earned by such employee which exceeds to the aggregate the amount of wages which the employee earned in the preceding month from his employment with such employer, or if he has not been so long in the employment of such employer, the amount which he is likely to earn in such employment during one month, unless such advance is made to the employee:

(a) to enable him to purchase a house or to build or improve a house;

(b) to enable him to purchase land;

(c ) to enable him to purchase livestock;

(d) to enable him to purchase a motorcar, a motorcycle or a bicycle;

(da) to enable him to purchase shares of the employer's business offered for sale by the employer;

(e) for any other purposes;

(i) in respect of which an application in writing is made by the employer to the Director-General;

(ii) which is, in the opinion of the Director-General, beneficial to the employee; and

(iii) which is approved in writing by the Director-General, provided that in granting such approval, the Director-General may make such modifications thereto or impose such conditions thereon as he may deem proper;

(f) for such other purposes as the Minister may, from time to time, by notification in the Gazette, specify either generally in respect of all employees, or only in respect of any particular employee, or any class, category or description of employees.