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Fresh Graduate being terminated and wanted to claim my compensation

Fri, 22 May 2020 02:17:30 PM  (Last updated: Sat, 23 May 2020 10:23:52 AM)

Hi guys, 

I would like to ask for your professional opinion regarding the termination letter i get from my ex-boss.

I receive a termination letter on 10 May. 

The letter stated, I'm terminated with immediate effect and forego my annual Leave, but I did not sign because I wanted back my annual leave and my ex-boss is trying to cheat on my annual leave because I'm a fresh graduate. On 11 May, I went to the office and write an acceptance letter and listed down I want my compensation, annual leave, and the outstanding balance of my salary. But, when he heard I wanted to get my compensation then he starts by saying that I'm not terminated. But I already have the black and white termination letter. Because of his continuous harassment, I went to JTK and file a report.

Right now, he still asking me to go back and work and even send me a warning letter that I've absent in the company for many days.

What should I do now? My ex-boss is making me nervous and panic.

There are a few questions I would like to ask from your professional opinion as well.
1. He issued me the termination contract but without his signature, but the way he wrote the letter doesn't require his signature. What can I do from this?
2. Until now he still asks me to go back and work, but I've already told him I already file a report to JTK? Do I still need to go back and work?
3. And he keeps saying he does not terminate me? 

What should I do now?


KL Siew
Sat, 23 May 2020 10:23:52 AM

What you can do now is to go to the Labour Department (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) and file a complaint there to claim back whatever due to you. You must go there in person.