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Thu, 21 May 2020 07:49:16 AM
Hi I have work for 3 years with basic salary of RM3500 as License A pharmacist.Can I knew if company can say they wont give increment or bonus this year as branch I handle didnt reach yearly target profit last year.The branch had just open for 1 month when I start handle them last year.The branch profit was increasing and have reach monthly target by last part of the years.My salary was actually is lower compare to some new pharmacist that has join just few month who has about (RM4000-RM5000).When ask my employer told as they work in branch tat give additional profit.Those branch he mention has opened for more than 10 years in shopping malls and mine just 1 year in shoplot.I find its unfair to compare as suchMy contract state annual increment /bonus is according to company discretion.But during interview he inform it will be according to market rate or higher if show good result.He didnt say it will depend on our working branch