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Misconduct Issue

Thu, 22 Aug 2019 09:26:12 AM


We have a list of Minor Misconducts in EHandbook.
Progressive disciplinary actions = Counselling 2 or 3 times depending on type of misconduct, Verbal Warning, Written Warning 1,2,3

My questions:
1. Is it right to do Counselling 1,2,3, then Verbal Warning and proceed to issue 1st Written Warning for diffrent types of minor misconduct?
Can the type of misconduct for an employee be combined/related? Or different type of misconduct must start with Counselling 1 first - handle separately.

2. How if two types of miscounduct come under same category can we relate them (example related to time)?
Example 1. Late submission of leave form given Counselling 1.
               2. Late submission or Work Report given Counselling 2.
               3. Late reporting to HOD about improvement Plant Counselling 3

Then 4th time, proceed with Warning letter for "failure to follow procedure".

3. Does each miscounduct require Show Cause letter or only Miscounducts that requires DI only need Show Cause?

4. Can Counselling/Verbal Warning/ Misconduct form be typed by HR instead of Handwritten? Any issue in court later?

Kindly advice.

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