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Resignation while under probation

Wed, 17 Jul 2019 03:48:43 PM

Dear sir,

i recently joined an organisation of which I was supposed to be under training for approximately 3 weeks.(This is with effect of the first day of my employment) . After 3 days of being in the organisation I had decided that its not the place for me.hence I approached the manager who interviewed / hired me.

based on my contract it states that I need to serve a 1 month notice which I was willing to serve however the manager felt that there is no point in holding me on since I would be redundant and not able to work. Having said that, HR had accepted my resignation however rejected my appeal to waiver the 1 month notice which has resulted in them demanding one months salary from me when I barely worked for a month. I was also willing to serve the notice but they wouldn’t accept it.

Hence in this case , my question is......Is it right for them to hold me liable for this and demand one months salary from them?

I was willing to serve the notice but the manager suggested to Hr that it was no use keeping me !

I’m stuck and unsure what needs to be done. Please help.                                   

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