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Employer do not recognize Nuzul Al-Quran as after the management cut off some PH

Wed, 15 May 2019 12:27:23 PM


I'm joined to my current company since 2015 and enjoy full as bank but since last year in september 2018, our ceo make some changes to require us to work on public holiday either main holiday are fall on group 1 (such as CNY, Labour day, Hari raya,etc...) and are fall on group 2 ( thaipusam, deepavali, awal muharam, wesak, & prophet muhammad birthday EXCEPT Nuzul Al-Quran). I've call to ask the HR in charge person regarding the PH Nuzul Al-Quran but HR told me if the PH does not fall to any of the GROUP 1 or 2, which means i have required to work without pay or off day. I wondering if i have my right to get a compensation either a double pay day or off day since they cut off & took away employee priviledge since after join for so many years 

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