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New Management New Contract,is there such a thing?

Anna HR
Sun, 10 Feb 2019 01:55:06 PM

My company has changed management - shareholder directors are still the same - only the person managing operation has changed.
They have come out with new employment contract to all staff - to standardise the salary.

Some staff have objected the new contract as their salary is reduced from by RM 500 & refused to sign the new contract.
So he has been absent for 2019 (Commencement of new contract) - as he does not accept being paid lesser than before.

The staff has issued a complaint to Jab Tenaga Kerja - requesting to receive 2 months salary in lieu (as he view it as the company is terminating him, which we are not..Where in fact he actually verbally informs he does not wish to work with the new salary).

Is there such a thing as new management new contract (automatically terminating old contract?)
BTW, all other staff has sign with no objection.

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