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To terminate an employee under probation

Wed, 16 May 2018 05:51:27 PM

Hi Admin,

I have a staff who is still under probation. I had given a verbal warning due to his bad attitude on work and his bad attendance.

He used to give a lots of EL,

Eg: on 10/5/2018 we had announce earlier (on 7th May 2018) in company watsapp group that company will still operation on this day even announcement from any political parties. (replacement holiday is given) He was absent on this day, and argued that we didn't inform him in advance when we called him in the morning. He promised to attend to work in the afternoon, but at the end he did not turn up. On the next day, he told his supervisor that because he already lazy to work.

His probation supposed to be end on 1st April, but I had extended and given a verbal warning to him.

And now, my boss was asking me to terminate him as he is now indirectly influenced the team spirit.

My question is, 

1) Can I terminate his employment, and giving him one week notice, without any written warning letter?

Our employment agreement did stated as below,

"During the probationary period, either party may at any time terminate employment by giving one (1) week notice in writing without assigning any reason thereof."

Thank you.

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