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Rachel Sim
Wed, 18 Apr 2018 06:17:11 PM


I’m a new employee working for a semi established company, the company is registered however the based of the company is still under renovation. So now the company is outsourcing it’s staffs to “partnered or associates’ companh. 

However, in my case the renovation and start up of the location has been delayed to almost a year and I was told now another year, which makes it 2 years. I tried to understand that the procedure is long but right now I’m facing an issue where I am told to transfer to a place further and no means of subsidy is given. 

***im under a contract bond with the company***

Please advise me on how to handle such situation. I’m afraid to push further for reimbursement for traveling cost as the company can terminate us and make us pay a certain amount which was not told(it’ll be prorated during the last day) 

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