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resignation dispute

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 04:11:45 PM  (Last updated: Wed, 11 Apr 2018 07:13:47 PM)

i have tendered resignation letter on 9/3/2018 for two month notice.

however, the company suddenly decreased my basic salry say that my performance and attitude was not good from 2180 to 1600 and issue me two warning notice say i misconduct and bad behaviour. i have been working for them for more than 2 years and earlier that is no issue with my performance and attitude. my salary is increasing and there is no deduction from my pay.

at the same time they have hold my pay for 6 days as before resignation i have apply for leave on 24-30/3 but part will be annual leave and part unpaid.  i have 12 days annual leave and i did not use it before and they are using prorata basis.

i was not happy with it, therefore i have seek advice to pay them off with the last salary which is the decreased salary. 

To avoid dispute i have ask for a banker cheque and with document attached. i went to office and submit to my management. however they do not want to sign on the acknowledgement and demand me to continue my work. as before this they have stress me till emotionally not stable scold me for no reason. therefore i insist not to work and passed them the document althought they dont want to sign.

yesterday i have received their email and they finally reply to me on the breakdown of the pay and they owe me certain amount. but will only pay back on may.

however as my pay is 2180 before but in confirmation letter is 1680 and last pay is also 1600, will the law according to the akta or contract only?  m i able to claim back the shortfall of the basic salary and whatever deduction?

KL Siew
Wed, 11 Apr 2018 07:13:47 PM

You can personally go to the Labour Department to lodge a claim against the company.

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