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Termination during probation

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 01:59:49 PM

I’m a sales staff with Rm2800. Within the 3 months probation. I have failed to meet the target but this is due to boss asking to focus on the job order which takes long time. Now he going to terminate me with this reason. Before that, he nvr give any conduct and talk abt my performance with me  and didn’t  receive any warning letter as well . Now I been Asked to resign myself and I refuse to resign and ask them for termination.

But now my boss say they not going termination me and going to put me under pip with rediculous requirement. 

Before giving me pip, hr came to me twice and ask for resignation letter. I refuse to give and mention will bring this to IR. My boss threatened that’ if you want to play, just go, I will play with you till the end. Don’t forget I been hr industry for 20 years’

can I know will I win if I go to IR ( I got the recording of boss talk and hr asking letter)

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