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Annual Leave and Sick/ Medical Leave

Mon, 04 Dec 2017 11:08:29 PM  (Last updated: Tue, 05 Dec 2017 01:08:39 AM)


I have a question regarding with Annual Leave & Sick/ Medical Leave for my confirmation about EA? (For employee under EA)

1. Situation: employee that work below 2 years, employer need to entitled annual leave 8 days and sick leave 14 days for employee. It is 2 different thing right? Means that employee will get paid for annual leave and when she/he apply sick leave with medical certificate prove from doctor. And what happen when employee reach or not reach 14 days sick leave? The sick leave can be bring to the next year or just burn?

2. May I know what is this mean "Provided that any fraction of a day of annual leave so calculated which is less than one-half of a day shall be disregarded, and where the fraction of a day is one-half or more it shall be deemed to be one day"?

3. If the employee start working at 1 Nov/ Dec 2017, she/ he will entitled annual leave and sick/medical leave on 1 Nov/ Dec 2018 am I right? For example, my company will be granted annual leave 12 days to employee that working below than 2 years. So, can she/ he apply 12 days annual leave on Dec month if she/ he start on 1 Dec 2017?

4. Can the HR deduct employer employee annual leave to other leave(ex: sick leave, unpaid leave, other leave-(emergency, kids sick) etc)?

5. Can employer give unpaid leave to employee that applying for other leave-(emergency, kids sick) etc?

Thank you!

KL Siew
Tue, 05 Dec 2017 01:08:39 AM

1. For sick lleave entitlement read up Section 60f of the Employment Act. Sick leave cannot be carried forward.

2. That's correct.

3/ Read up section 60e of the Employment Act   for details about annual leave entitlement.

4. Yes, he can do that or no pay leave if all annual leave was exhausted.

5. Yes, the employer can do that if there is no more annual leave to take.

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