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medical leave onrest day

James Wong
Fri, 24 Nov 2017 01:13:06 AM
HI,1) i am working as month rated staff with 5 working days. Sat is off day and Sunday is rest day.2) I have 60 days entitlement of hospitalization leave and balance of 17 days medical leave.3) I was admitted to hospital on 13/11/2017 for surgery and discharge on 17/11/2017.4) Hospital issue me a one month hospitalization leave from 13/11/2017 to 13/12/2017.5) HR informed me that i will deducted for 5 days hospitalization leave which i agreed.6) HR then informed that i will be deducted medical leave start from 18/11/2017 to 4/12/2017.My question:From 18/11/2017 to 4/12/2017 cover 3 days of Sat and 3 days of Sun which mean Sat & Sun consider as medical leave as well. Is that rights?Thanks from James

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