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Termination During Probation Period

Wed, 27 Sep 2017 10:58:09 AM  (Last updated: Wed, 27 Sep 2017 03:20:54 PM)


I would like to ask for advice for the following matter:

The company had hired a sale staff months ago, and is still under the probation period (6 months).

This staff has not met the superior's expectation, as he often do nothing in the office, and even play games & listens to music with the company's PC and his personal iPad & phone.

The staff has also rejected to go for entertainment with the supplier/customer after working hour, as he claimed that this is his personal time after working hour, despite of him being a sales staff and also has been explained of such scenario during the interview.

Further, the staff often comes to work late by giving all sorts of reason, which also include of taking Medical Leave, but however has no MC to submit as he claim that he has not seen a doctor, therefore asking the HR to deduct from his Annual Leave. Meaning to say, he would inform the superior about medical leave just as an excuse to take emergency leave. As of now within 5-6 months time, he has used up all his entitled leaves.

The staff has not show any performance despite only simple task is assigned to him. However, he will give all sorts of excuses on why he fails to complete the tasks.

The company has meet him and requested him to self-resigned. He has promised to do so, but request for the company to wait for him to get a new job first. However, we are not sure when will he be able to get the new job.

After meeting him regarding to the self-resigned, he has not shown up to work the next day without informing the superior. The company has paid the salary of this month by 26th thus we are speculating that he will not turn up anymore. Does that mean, he did not serve for the 1 week notice and he still owe the company for leaves over taken.

What actions can we take against this employee who is now missing in action? and from how can we recover back the leaves he owe to the company?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

KL Siew
Wed, 27 Sep 2017 03:20:54 PM

Aren't you  happy that he has gone, good riddance isn't it? Why bother?

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