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how to terminate a problem worker

Tue, 25 Jul 2017 02:29:12 PM

My company is a SME company, doin fabrication steel works. Currently receive some job to be done at jobsite at night shift. Last friday I spotted check my staff work at morning 5.30AM at the jobsite and found all the work been done but they never leave and get caught slept at the jobsite(try to cheat OT). I wake the particular worker up(5Foreign worker and 1 Malaysian), and ask the Malaysian why don't he drive all the worker back ? He reply "in order to shy away from the police, he will only leave at 7am". And he don't feel guilt or shame on this situation and straight walk away from me

After back to office, I have issue a memo attached with the slept photo stick at the memo board and also 6 warning letter to those worker. The Malaysian found the slept photo stick on the memo board he feel angry and tear the memo away and scold my storekeeper said if you tell boss regarding the tear memo I will kill you.(police report make )

My storekeeper felt life being threaten and report to me. I immediately look for that particular local worker and talk to him. He angry and scream at the factory and refuse to work. He tear the company uniform and ride the motorbike leave the factory within the working hours.

On Monday(24/7/17) he didn't turn up to work and on today(25/7/17), he pass me a PENGESAHAN STATUS PERKHIMATAN DENGAN MAJIKAN letter.

In this case, Shall i reply his letter ?is that possible I terminate this problem worker with immediately effect without bleaching any labour law?Shall i prepare a show cause letter to him or domestic inquiry?]

Your effective respond is much appreciated

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