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Tender before end of employment bond

Mon, 08 May 2017 04:04:26 PM
Hi, I currently work with a DFI and have a 1-year bond with them.This one year bond was activated due to them paying for my short notice for leaving my previous employer (amounting to RM2.5k).My employment contract is that if I were to leave during the 1-year bond, I would have to repay the DFI an amount equivalent to my 12 months' salary.I have served approximately 9.5 months with the DFI and tendered my resignation notice, which has a duration of 3 months.Hence, effectively, by the end of the notice I would have worked 1 year and half a month with the DFI.I will quote the clause later on as I don't have the employment contract with me at the moment.Will I have to pay the 12-months bond or can I challenge it on the grounds of the bond penalty being excessive and lopsided to the employee?Thanks.

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