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Deliberate Request to OT & Harassment

Thu, 11 Sep 2008 04:47:29 PM  (Last updated: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 07:47:24 PM)

Good Day Sir!

My boss had demanded that I stay up late in the company until I complete my work even if it is up to 11pm each day. Working late seems to be compulsory and every employee should comply to such. Besides this, I felt I was verbally and sexually harrassed.

I have joined the company for 2days and due to this situation, I have tendered my resignation on the 3rd day. I am considering walking off but the boss threatened me that since I have signed the appointment letter which I am bind to clear the 2 weeks to the company, the company had the right to sue and required me to pay back the 2 weeks salary.

Today the boss claimed that my resignation letter is missing. I mentioned the letter already passed on personally and if she is taking this as an excuse not to accept my resignation, she can always refer this matter to the Labour Department. The boss was not satisfied and had request me to leave.


1. Can I assume that the company is dismissing me when I was asked to leave?

2. Is the employee subjected to working late beyond office hour? even if the term in the appointment letter stated 'company may require the employee to work late'?

3. Is there a law to protect employee on the right of personal belongings and data? I caught my boss snooping at my emails in my personal acc while I was away to the toilet. I confronted and the boss just dismissed it as 'accidentally click the log in button'

4. Which channel can I go to for to report harassment?

Thank you


KL Siew
Thu, 11 Sep 2008 07:47:24 PM

Do you think it is worth your while to fight over such a case? Since you have tendered your resignation without notice, you are liable to pay two weeks salary if it is the agreed notice period. To me, I would just forget about the whole episode instead of wasting time by going through all the hassle of reporting the matter to the Labour Department. It is up to you

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