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Can a DP 10 Work permit be in Probation and extend Probation for another 3 months and terminate immediately without any notice?

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 05:15:13 PM

Respected Sir,

The Work Permit given for 10 months till 30th April 2017 as passport is expiring on 31st May 2017.

It is a 3 years Work Permit.

Passport re - issued and new passport with 10 years validity taken.

But now they are asking me to leave and cancelling my permit immediately without any prior notice.

Appointment letter dated June 2016 stating six months probation and 12 hrs working with out extra benefit.

Probation period ends, but no confirmation letter issued.

On 7th March 2017 a letter dated 15th Feb. 2017  stating that my probation period is extended for 3 months till end of Mach 2017. given.

Again on 15th March after a week, informed that, they are not renewing the permit further and I can work till 15th April 2017,( orally)

on 16th March again informed that I have to go back by end of March as they are cancelling my work permit.

Again their consultant say that I have to leave by next Wednesday.

Is this justified?

I am getting another Job in Malaysia through my friend, but he wants me to be here for about 2 months to process new work permit.

What is the best solution for me?

Pl advice.

Thank you,


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