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A company ( not registered / not contributing epf / salary pay late )

Thu, 22 Dec 2016 03:55:35 PM  (Last updated: Thu, 22 Dec 2016 07:03:58 PM)


Im currently working at a company which i recently find out that the company registration number they using are fake and salary always pay later than 7th. It didn't let me sign anything after my probation and i just tender my resignation letter by stated i will serve for 1 month. And currently im getting an offer which hope i can start to work as soon as possible. Can i actually go without serving notice? And is this company against the law by not registering ? And am i still able to make complain to both labour & kwsp for the paying salary late & not contributing epf ?

KL Siew
Thu, 22 Dec 2016 07:03:57 PM

You should get advice from the Labour Department what you should do in such a case. It would be better to go there personally, not by call or email as they may want to get more details from you.

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