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Termination during probation

Lee CW
Tue, 25 Oct 2016 02:53:08 PM


My friend was terminated his employment with HR issued him the letter on 25/10 (today), telling him that the last day would be 26/10.

Before this letter, his superior sent him an email beginning of Oct 2016 and told him that he will be terminated if he doesn't perform by end of Oct 2016.

Per the letter served by HR, my friend will only be paid until 31st Oct only. While serving this termination letter, his HR also gave him a resignation form to fill up and sign (both he and HR manager signed on the form) and HR claimed that the form is a formality for all employees whether terminated or resignation.

Does my friend entitle for the 1 month notice payment based on the scenario above?

Appreciate your advice whether should he approach Labor department if his company insisted not to pay the notice period?



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