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Salary after resign

Jessica Lim
Wed, 15 Jun 2016 12:51:22 PM


 I have a friend who working in a company but just one week more. She starts working on 6 April and she resign on 13 April. She wants to work for until the week end. But her supervisor said the date stated in resign letter is not enough days for notice so ask her to change the date of resign to 8 April. Actually friend decided to stay one week more until enough notice days. But her boss ask her to leave early before the week end. 

When she asked about the salary, her boss said she will call her but when she called, her boss said haven't ready until the end of month. When she call again, her boss said she did not give proper resign notice day. She holds the salary until next month which is May. Her boss shows angry emotion when received the call. When she receive the salary through bank transfer, there is no EPF, Socso and payslip. Thus, how she calculate her salary?

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