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Termination of probation staff

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 08:02:20 AM

Hi, I would like to get some advice from you. Currently I have new staff who is still under probation. We provided her 1 week full training and on job training. On her first months, it's seem she is ok to work and she understand the work procedure etc. once we completed the 1st month review , she is completely changed. Her performance really drop like a stone. Starting from the second months onward, She make a lot of mistakes which is serious mistakes and can cause of company losing money . we have completed 2nd probation review with her 2 weeks ago but it seem like she did not seeing her self having big problem and she still keep on making such serious mistakes. Our HR has already issue a show cause letter to her 2 days ago and brief her about it. She need to give a reply within 2 days. Now my questions is what if she did not reply HR regarding this matter or resign by her self. What action can we take on her ?and to what extend she can make a report to labor law if we have sufficient proof about her mistakes if we don't extend her probation.She have 3 months probation period but already decided to let her go by mid of 2nd month probation period. Let say, warning letter issue by HR to her but she is still repeating the mistakes. How long do we need to wait until we really can give her termination warning ? i can see that, this staff like the office environment , the team and colleagues. I have a feeling she is trying to stay as long as she can but she do not try her best to improve her self at all.  Hope to hear your advice soon. 

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