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Harassment and OT

Fri, 20 Nov 2015 09:36:49 AM

Would like to ask the relevant Sections of Law that pertain to several issues a family member of mine is facing in her company:-

1) Was called 'bitch' by senior first day of joining the team. Retaliated and appears to be being harassed now.

2) OT till 2am-3am with no assigned job, and not allowed to do self-study for Professional Qualification. Must wait for seniors to finish work before leaving. Throughout working hours not assigned job, excluded from team. 

3) Paid 1.5 days a week of OT even though OT exceeds that amount of time.

4) Reported several times to assistant manager but situation persists for a month and counting.

5) Suffering from anxiety and depression.

Note: She is a fresh graduate working at a large accounting firm. It is not a matter of her personality as she has received high recommendation from another accounting firm from her 3 months internship. 

Thank you. I would like to know what action she can take based on this matters.

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