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Contract to Permanent

Wed, 17 Dec 2014 12:50:04 PM  (Last updated: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 02:39:31 PM)


I've been very disturbed due to my job status. Well I'm a lecturer working in a private institute. When I first joined  in I had to sign a 6 months contract which expired last month. When i saw my contract first I was quite disappointed and I asked them why didnt they brief me earlier and only when i came to sign the offer letter i saw the description. The HR asked me to 'assume' as though it was my probation and if i performed well the management would give me a permanent job. After6 months before i signed my next offer letter I went through the normal year end appraisal session . Fortunately the management was happy and they gave me kudos. So i straight away asked the HR what will i sign .She said an extended contract. Furiously i told the HODs my problem and they were all like "why is she on contract?" bla bla bla.. And they told me they'll change it. A week after that, I when to sign my offer letter ( my contract expired in November) It's already December. I saw a contract term for a year. Well i asked them and they said the HQ said so. I refused to sign and i told them I'll speak to the Higher authorities. I did spoke to them but I'm yet to receive a confirmation. HR asked me to sign first.But that will be something really stupid to do and I know how stupid I'll look after that. Now, firstly i work so hard and really did my job well. I have to chase everyone like a fool instead of lecturing. This is year end and everyone received their bonus and i Think if i were given a permanent position perhaps i Would have enjoyed a bonus too. Ohw ya they did give me an increment . But you see i want to buy a house and do a lot of things but bank is not going to entertain someone with a contract job which has an expiry date on it. I also heard they were trying to save a lot by cutting the "cost". I can choose to leave immediately but I feel they should learn a lesson. And it's very difficult to get a job. Here I'm able to work extra for OT. I love the working environment but I'm really furious about this matter. A guy who came after me got a 3 months probation. He told me perhaps because they had no lecturer for the subject and they were too desperate . Please advise.Thanks a lot 

KL Siew
Wed, 17 Dec 2014 02:39:31 PM

Since like the place, you may just have to be more patient and keep on negotiating with them for something more favourable. I don't think any other persons or authorities will be able to help you out.

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