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Medical claim under fraudulent

Sat, 13 Dec 2014 12:31:54 AM  (Last updated: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 08:51:46 AM)

Hi sir/madam,

this is regarding the issue with my ex-company. I was a part time employee yet i got my epf n socso.

fyi, this company is an aesthetic clinic provides facial aesthetic, minor facial surgery with license.

i was cheated to have the benefits enjoying the staff price to do double eyelids. let me summarize to point form for sir and mdm.

-I have no ideas of the side effects and risks.  They keep telling me that is 100% safe.

-they didnt explain and i didnt sign any consent forms which every patients are required to sign that before every treatments.

-I am the first ever person in their clinic to be their 'experiment', they call it 'live demo'. Yet, with charges! It is expensive for a staff like us.

-every doctors dont have any experiences at all about the double eyelids surgery. I only found out this when i was already lying on the bed.

-i was cheated 1one eye to be done by one1 doctor, another by another doctor. They didnt inform me at all. If this the case then i wont do it. Who is willing to pay for suffering.

-my eyes are now unbalance.

-the stitch inside my eyes are unknown materials yet they insisted that is safe. But i feel uncomfortable. My friend same situation with me who is also working with the company, she went for a check up in another clinic and found out that the stitch is unsafe and resulted infection.

i hope to file a medical claim from this company to compensate my losses incurred as well as the pain and suffering (unbalance eyes, now i need to do another surgery

to take out the stitch). What else can i do and is it possible to claim from them?

i do keep all the evidence, i also have witnesses. 

Hope to get ur reply soon n very appreciate it.



KL Siew
Sat, 13 Dec 2014 08:51:46 AM

Sorry, this forum is not the right place for you to make such a complaint. Why not you try the agency called the Tribunal For Consumer Claims?

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