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Termination with short notice

Abby Lee
Fri, 28 Mar 2014 11:58:32 PM

Dear Administrator,

I had tendered my resignation on 5 March 2014 and subject to serve 3 months notice to my current Company. Subsequently i received a offer by my new employer to buy off a month earlier.

Therefore, I informed my current manager that i would like to serve a shorter notice.She replied me that my short notice is subject to management acceptance and she will not allow for any early release.

As my new employer keep rushing me for the letter of acceptance of resignation from my current employer and they need the letter to issue a cheque for buy out but my current employer refuse to accept my shorter notice.

I would like to seek for your professional advice for my next course of action.

My letter of offer with my current employer-

Upon confirmation, termination of Employment can be effected by either party giving three months notice in writing and without having to assign any reasons hereto or payment in lieu equivalent to three months gross salary.


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