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Manager Rejected My Resignation & Denied My Annual Leaves

Wed, 12 Feb 2014 04:45:36 PM  (Last updated: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 06:03:47 PM)


I tendered my resignation to my manager in Dec 2013 but she rejected my resignation.

I then submitted to HR directly but my manager took my letter back from the HR.

Question 1: Does my manager have the rights to deny my resignation after i have submitted it to the HR?

I also have 4 annual leave remaining which means i am able to leave the company 4 days earlier.

However,my manager refuses to approve my leave. According to HR, if my manager do not approve of my leave it will be considered unpaid leave even though i have annual leaves.

Question 2: Can HR deduct my salary because my manager refuses to sign my leave application (regardless of annual leaves)?

Many people leaving my company had opt to "disappear" from the company because my manager refuses their resignation and suffered a lost from their salary as HR deemed it as unpaid (regardless of annual leave entitlements).

Question 3: As i do not wish to "disappear" from the company or to have my salary deducted because my manager refuses my leave application, could you please quote any employment act which is useful for my situation?

Thank you

Chai Tami
Fri, 14 Feb 2014 06:03:47 PM


I think you may have worked at my previous company (a manufacturing company). I was in exactly the same situation. I even went to the Labour Department to file a complaint.

A resignation is not an application. It's a notification.

After she (the boss) tore my resignation letter in front of me, twice, I wrote another resignation letter to her, HR manager, HQ and cc.ed the Labour Department.

Of course, she rejected it. But I didn't care as I have done what I needed to do. On my last day, she did not acknowledge the fact that I am leaving at all. I left my access card and all documents on my table.

The very next day, I sent another letter to notify the company that I have left and expects my final salary to be in my account by a certain date. I used registered post and send to her, HR manager, HQ and also to the Labour Department.

I got my salary 2 days before the dateline I gave them. So all was good.

A note of advice, in all your letters and communications, remember to write this at the end.

cc. Labour Department (Location eg Klang), Headquarters, Human Resource Manager (and whoever else is applicable.

Hope that helps!

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