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My employer insist me to give medical cert for the un paid leave that i took

Fri, 14 Jun 2013 10:42:12 AM


I would like to know on my current situatuion.

i was on holiday for 5 days, 2 days were actually my off day and the remaining balance were considered as unpaid. During the holiday, i was admitted to the emergency for severe migraine, and it was on my actual off day. being courtious, i told my employer that im not well and was admitted to emergency but i did not requested for any medical certificate for that day because it was actually my off day.

the situtation is as such where i was told by the employer, that the 3 consecutive leave taken will be considered as unpaid and i am ok with that. But, what i dont understand here, why do i need to show my medical certificate for the 3 days leave that i took as requested by the employer when:

1)the first 2 days were actually my off day? do i need to show them any show cause letter?

2)the three consecutive leave taken were considered as unpaid, but the employer insisted me to give them doctor's letter or mc to support my statement. do i have to show them any letter since my leave was already considered as unpaid?

Please advise.


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