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sexual harassment

Sun, 11 May 2008 09:55:11 PM

to wat extend can a sexual harassment charge is put into a person commitin it as there are no evidence of occurance s the timing of occurance is never anticipated and it happen on the spot

there are countless stories i received from a fren working in a big corporation whereby the girls in the marketing dept is frequently being sexually harassed..

eg... sms notice by CEO to dress up sexy for tomorrow... the day come and were invited by the CEO to a private conference room (only for internal staff usage) located at the highest floor of 3 floor building.... CEO comment about the physical appearance of the girl's body... n later the end n goin out from the door... the CEO squeeze the backside of the girl

another one was the same CEO invited another girl from the same dept to his room... n showed her pornographic video

another scene was the the CEO talk to a girl from graphic design dept on the beauty of the girls breast and state i wonde

Wed, 05 Mar 2008 12:52:30 PM

according to my fren who tried to make a compliant to the labour office... the officer said that it is hard to charge a sexual harasser cos there are no concrete evidence that can proof it...

so my advise to ppl reading this... if you or your fren encounter such situation... record down the date, time and venue... and also on what u have suffered... get some witnesses on the situation... talk to ppl in ur dept...

create awareness amongst collegues on such harasser.... ur advise could help other innocent ones...

anyway thanks KL Siew

kelly choy
Sun, 11 May 2008 09:55:11 PM

Re: sexual harassment

It happened on the 26 April 2008 where my CEO suddenly appeared and kissed my lips in front of my colleague. I was very upset , scare to see him and fear to go to work since the incident happened. I can hardly focus on my work and plan to resign. My feelilng became worst when my CEO said he couldnt remember what he had done. I had wittness, can i take action against him? Kindly advise, thanks.

Sun, 11 May 2008 10:55:11 PM

You have raised a really thorny issue which I feel I am not qualified to talk about. You and I know that sexual harassment on female employees happens very often at workplace but besides our court of law, there are really no other bodies that are competent enough to tackle such problems. Furthermore the females employees who are subject to such harassment are themselve quite reluctant to bring a criminal case against their superior for various reasons like difficulty in producing evidence, shame, fear of humiliation etc etc.

Years ago in 1999, the Human Resources Ministry had put up a code of practice called CODE OF PRACTICE ON THE PREVENTION AND ERADICATION OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE " suggesting to employers a mechanism to tackle such problems.

Clause No. 9 is quoted as follow:


9. A comprehensive in-house mechanism that employers are encouraged to establish at the en

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