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Am i entitle to have annual leave reimbursement / pay out when i resign while i am still under my extended probation ?

Jason Chan
Wed, 13 Feb 2013 05:01:41 PM


I'm just resigned from my position after 8 months of probation period (6 month + 2 month extended probation. ) and my salary range is below 7.5k. My offer letter is stated that unconfirmed staff do not entitle AL, 14 days of AL for confirmed staff.

I would like to ask whether i have the right to claim back my AL once i resign? can i ask my employer to pay back my AL in $$$?

During my working period, i took 2 days of AL, do my employer have right to deduct these 2 days of AL from my last salary pay out?

I really need advise as my boss is telling me that i'm not allow to have AL and they will deduct the 2 days of AL that i took from my salary pay out.


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